Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Dirty Thirty Tokidoki Birthday Party


I had been planning this party 2 months prior.  I was debating to have a party or not.  After numerous, "You should have a party!  You're turning 30!", it was decided that I would.  You know me and themes...and it no doubt it my mind it HAD to be a tokidoki theme.

I have been in love with tokidoki since I saw it while on vacation in Hawaii.  It was newly released as Le Sport Sac bags...after that ... my wallet has never recovered. :P

Anyways, first off, decor!  What was I going to do?  I contacted tokidoki if they had anything that they don't need anymore from their stores (posters, cardboards, etc).  They replied that they didn't provide these for customers.  I did order a box of frenzies for my party favors and they also hooked it up with stickers.  Their customer service peeps were awesome!  Big ups to Danielle and Trisha at their headquarters!  I ended up using my tokidoki toys, skateboard decks, and print outs as my decor.

Next was the cake.  I was debating also if I was going to do my own cake!  Then I thought to myself about all the things I would need to do during that week, as well as make my bff's birthday cake (her bday is a day after mines!).  So I started hunting for a cake decorator.  I was looking for someone who had a specific style (kinda like mine).  Then low and behold, Ron (the hubster), finds his friend on FB whose gf made cakes.  I looked at her cakes and fell in love.  A woman after my own heart!  I booked her asap!  Check her out at L.A. Cake !

At the tokidoki LA store off Melrose getting my tokidoki kicks.

tokidoki toys for decor

My "Blind Box" Party favors.  They either had a tokidoki pin or tokidoki frenzie.  They also had the option of a bag of candy with a tokidoki sticker.

The Cake Balls (made by me)

The Cake by L.A. Cake

Video of the Cake
The "Photobooth"





Thank you again to everyone who came and helped set up and clean up.  It was the best birthday ever!