Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Promise..

About 10 years ago, a promise was made and a ring was presented. A promise to be faithful and loving to a boy who she absolutely loved. Today, that promise is still in tact, not with a boy, but now with a man. In a few months, this boy and girl that once were will be husband and wife.

I have worn this ring practically everyday since I was 18 and I will be proudly be wearing it somehow on our wedding day.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Ready to Print

Our invitation is ready to go to print.. =)

Designed by yours truly...

The other inserts also have the same design/theme. I just wanted to share my cute map!
This will be in a fuschia metallic pocketfold envelope wrapped with an orange ribbon. The main invitation will be matted on an orange metallic matt.

The final invitation and details about it will be presented here AFTER we send them out. :P

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I got a few things accomplished...

Finally created our sticker to seal our invitation up. Here it is, except it will be in the shape of a circle.

While waiting for my mom while she was getting her "hair did" I was trying to figure out our flower stuff. See, the florist is a little old fashioned..she wrote everything we needed in a notebook and she used a calculator to give me a total with a printout (you know the ones on paper rolls) and wrote in what each price represented. So today I finally went through it and asked myself "Did she really get everything I needed down?" She got most of it, but of course, people were added and what not. I'll probably be going back to see her soon to change a few things (like the pew stands .. boo). I was able to type everything out as to not get confused. So I know that we'll both be on the same page.

Here it is (for those who might want to see how much flowers may roughly cost)..

What else did I do today? I think those were the top two on my list. Now to keep going.. AHHH! ;D

Oh oh oh! I asked two of my best guy friends to be our "door ushers". They're in charge of closing the door before and after I go in. Just imagining seeing them there when I take my place to go in already gets me all teary eyed. They'll be the first two guests to see my in my dress. I reaaaaaaaaaally wanted them to be part of our wedding, but we opted to keep our groomsmen all in the family (except for Ron's best friend from high school). When our church coordinator told me that I got all excited. So I called the guys today and I got all cry baby on the phone. And of course they didn't say no. I would have totally cried if they did! LOL.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Church

We met with our church coordinator. She was pretty cool. She gave us more info about what to expect on our wedding day. Now I can somewhat start writing up a timeline for our day.

Some "eh" news..

We had ordered flower arrangements on stands for the pews, come to find out that we are not allowed to have stands in the aisle. We also rented a aisle runner, in which we are not allowed to have one. I was like oh great! So we're probably going to go to our florist and talk to her if changes can be made.

Lalala..so many things to do...and I don't feel like doing them right now. Mainly because I don't know which one to do first. Bah!

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday, but we're celebrating it today. I can already foretell what everyone will be talking about. I'm hoping no other people will be added to our guestlist. =X

A photo of inside our church (taken by bumataystudios.com...and hey! how come they have stands?!)

On a side note, I'm having two bridal showers, both following each other! Memorial Day weekend is my mom's side, Ron's mom's side, and my friends Bridal shower here at my parents' house. The following weekend is Ron's dad's side bridal shower. The next weekend is a "free weekend". The week after that is my birthday and after that weekend it's my bachelorette party. Two weeks after that is our wedding! So June is going to be "party" month. Yikes!

That reminds me, Ron and I barely have anything in our registry. We're already running out of things to register for cause we don't need much.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shoe Hunt

Back to shoe hunting!

Went to my first fitting! It's so cute! I was laughing so hard because when the girl took it out to put in the fitting room I was like "Is that mine?!" cause it looked so .. small .. like short. I don't know how to explain... let's just say it was scaled down to size. My mom and I totally looked at each other.

So the dress was actually shorter. My 4 inch heels weren't workin for it. I need between 2 inches and flat shoes. Ahh! I wanted some high heels because of Ron's height. Oh well!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Just updating..

Most of the materials we need for our invitation has came in. All we need to do is get our invitation finalized and sent to print. I'll probably do that next week. Our ribbons that we ordered from some company said it will take "5 weeks and 5 days" to get to us. I was like holy moly! Hopefully by the time it comes our invitations will be printed. We are planning to have an invitation making party. Haha! My mom is soo looking forward to it. She's so funny! It was her idea!

Ron has not moved into our new place because our apartment isn't ready yet. Boo! We were looking so forward to it. Hopefully in the next couple of days we'll find out when we can get our keys.

Tomorrow I try on/pick up my dress! I'm excited!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I got my shoes! I love shoes, so it was hard for me to find the right pair. Plus I can always use these again!

Yes...4 inch heels. =X It will make me at least 5'2! Woot! :P I mean, I'm really not wearing it for the whole day/night. I just have to see if it will work with my dress. *crosses fingers* I'm hoping to pick it up on Sunday. =D

I plan on getting some more comfortable shoes. I can walk in these shoes. Guess what though! Only cost me $19.99!!!! So I bought two pairs, only cause I wasn't sure what size would fit me best. I decided to keep them both, just in case.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

My New Best Friend

I bought it for our invitations. ;D I can totally use it for other things as well.

I also bought all our invitation materials (except for stamps and ink). I did find a printer! All I have to do is review what I designed and finalize a few things and then i'm sending it to the printer. ;D

Some of the bridesmaid dresses came in! The pics don't do justice with out the person that belongs in the dress. Hehe. ;D Left side are the Maids of Honor and the right side are for the bridesmaids. I can't wait to see them in it! The only thing is, they ALL have to be altered!