Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Registry & Favors

Yes, I'm sooo excited, but not scared. Just had to throw in that video. LOL. I was checking our registry today and someone bought us our flutes!!! I'm just hoping that it's a pre-wedding gift, because I was hoping to use it for our reception. Either way, I'm so excited! I wonder who got it for us. I do have an idea who it might be, but that will be confirmed tomorrow. =) It's from the Lenox Bellina collection. Cherry blossoms!

On another note, I just ordered 95 pounds of candy. I can't believe how much candy that is! Crazy! We decided not to go with the M&Ms cause you can imagine how much 95 pounds of M&Ms would cost us. We went with flower shaped Sweet Tarts. At first the bright colors caught my eye, then I realized how much it looked like cherry blossoms and we totally went for it!

Last week I went to Ikea all by myself. We ended up going with the Ikea spice jars instead of the salt-and-pepper shakers because they were bigger, cheaper, and easier to tie the ribbon on. It was a little difficult maneuvering the cart all the way to the checkout stand. ;P

Last but not least, a picture with my parents. =)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Joyful Weddings and Events

This past Saturday I finally met our Day-of-Coordinator from Joyful Weddings and Events. I booked her all the way back in September. Though her associate will be taking care of us on the day of our wedding, we are glad that Courtney has been part of our whole wedding planning process. I honestly could not wait to meet her! I fell in love with her passion for weddings and she's such a sweet person! I am so blessed to have found her and her company.

She puts a smile one my face and a sense of peace (is that the right word). Ron and I were really happy to have met her, and her associate, Darcie. ;D Can't wait!

Monday, April 28, 2008


Blog here, blog there...we all have blogs. Sometimes I wonder about the people I read about or the people that read about me. Who are they? Who do they think I am?

At the same time I have been thinking about how different life will change once I get married...

One big thing that I have slowly let go of is my love for the import car scene. Ever since I was in high school I was into the scene. From fixing up my own little red Honda Civic Hatchback to hosting car meets that would lure up to 100+ car enthusiasts. My little red car was my pride and joy. That was until I felt the need for a new grown up car. I ended up selling my little red car after 8 years. Still looking good. How I miss my little red car and how I miss the scene. What I don't miss is the money I would have kept spending and the fellas who would always hit me up on the road. Heha! Ron wasn't into the whole import scene. I love him for supporting me in all that I wanted to do within the scene. It was really important to me. =)

Video of X

How I miss those days!

Another thing I am trying to do is get rid of all my stuff toys! Boy, do I have tons! They're all in bags and ready to go to the Salvation Army, but I'm so tempted to look through the bags! Ahhh!!

I will miss living here at home. I have never lived anywhere else! I will miss waking up to my dogs (the parents already asked if they can keep them because the two rascals can't live without each other). I will also miss my niece and nephews who live right next door. I'll miss hearing them playing outside and watching them get into trouble. I will especially miss my "little" brother. He's my best friend. Oh gosh, I'm ready to cry a river. I feel like taking him with me.

After we get married, I really can't wait for us to be able to travel all by ourselves and not worry about having to come home on time. The other night I spent the night at our apartment and it was nice to go to the movies at 10pm without having to worry about my parents saying how late it was. LOL.

I also can't wait to have my own kitchen! I love to cook! I especially love to bake. My creations...

So many changes, yet so many things to look forward to!!

Speaking of changes! Happy Birthday to my little brother who today is 22 years old! Love you bro!

April and Brother circa 1986

Thursday, April 24, 2008


So the 'rents wouldn't leave me alone about limo transportation. I didn't want to really spend on any limo transportation since my little (yes, little) brother and my parents both have brand spankin' new Benzes and I was totally down for just using that. But my dad, who rarely says anything and goes with the flow really wanted me to rent a limo. So I finally booked that.

Chrysler 300 "Bentley Edition"

I had the hardest time finding a limo. Why? Cause I didn't want the old school ones nor did I want a huge Hummer style one. Plus the prices also were getting to me. I'm glad I chose this one. I don't plan on having all my bridesmaids, etc. ride with me. I only got it to please my parents. I think that the only ones who will ride in it are one of my MOHs, 2 bridesmaids, my niece, and two nephews. My parents and brother plan to drive seperately because they will need a car to go home.
I'm glad that's out of my hair. =)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Invitation Photos!..

(click for a larger view)

Totally inspired by Mrs. Eggplant from I wish I didn't have to blur the info out .. but I don't want any wedding crashers! Scary! Thank you Mrs. Eggplant!!! ;D

All photos by my brother.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I totally didn't do any wedding related things yesterday. I bummed out the whole day and stayed in bed. Last night I had to change my shirt 4 times because I was sweating my butt off. Today I feel 10x better. I'm doing LOADS of laundry which consists of my clothes and ALL my bedsheets. I was also able to eat this morning. Bacon and eggs never tasted better!

Thank you all for your get well wishes. =)

Gotta love my family. My brother for some odd reason started gagging and from downstairs she yells (in Tagalog), "APRIL! Are you having pregnancy symptoms!!!?" and I yell back, "No, but Carlo might be!" She yells back, "CARLO! Are you having pregnancy symptoms?! and my brother yells back, "Yes mom! I'm having twins!" :P

So we're changing our favors. Kind of. We're still going with candy jars, but bigger ones from Ikea. It would just be easier to tie the ribbons. It will also stand as a place "card". One side of the jar will have a thank you and the other side will have our guests' name. Instead of M&Ms, we're going with Jelly Bellys, because they're cheaper, take up more space in the jar, and won't melt. Plus, I won't have to pay for shipping for 20 pounds of Jelly Bellys since my dad works down the street from the Candy Warehouse. Bigger IS better! :P

I feel like getting out of the house, but not really.

Anyways, off to finish laundry. Let's go Lakers let's go!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

No RSVPs?!

I was afraid this would happen...our invites have gone out and our guests have received them.

Four invites already asked if they can just verbally respond because our RSVPs are too cute to return.

As long as they don't flake on us! They probably won't since they're immediate family. Invite post later!!!

Ron's grandma's sister called her and said that she's never seen a wedding invitation like it in her life and that she loves it.

I'm glad that my hard work is loved! LOL!

Hard work = sending out the invites = one sick bride

My poor kindergarten kids .. I had my classroom heater on at 88 degrees yesterday cause I was freezing! I went to turn it down and they all looked at me and said "Ms.'s so hot!" I felt so bad, yet I felt sooo bad. During my prep time I totally knocked out for approx. 10 minutes with my head on my desk. I woke up and my classroom lights were turned off (automatic) and I didn't even notice that they turned off. I wanted to ask my boss if I could go home, but she was handling all this stuff going on at the school (someone stole the faucets out of the boys bathroom and there was a fight as well), so I didn't want to bother her.

When I got home I laid down on the couch and my brother checked to see if I was warm..well I wasn't warm.. I was burning. He gave me ice to put on my forehead and then I knocked out. Then my aunt came over and next thing I knew she was stripping me down and wiping me down with an ice watered cloth. I love my family. Surprisingly, after all that I felt a lot better. We then had family friends come visit (whom we haven't seen in approx. 13 years) and well, let's just say that 6 more people were added to our guest list. =X

Thursday, April 17, 2008

They're Gone!

Our invitations are gone! I mean .. well... most of them went in the mail today!!! I can't believe it! Ahh! I'll believe it when I start getting RSVPs in. Woot! There's a few still here (my dad's invites and Ron's dad's invites), but other than that, they're gone! Weeee! Such a relief!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Random Stuff

We will be ordering our favors this week. These little cute candy jars with orange and pink M&Ms tied with a pink or orange ribbon. The only thing that irks me about these jars is that the heart doesn't line up with the front/back of the jar.

Also order our wedding wands since we can't throw anything after the ceremony at the church.

Oh and look what I found on Etsy! I so want it, but I had already bought my toss/garter!

Did I mention we bought our wedding bands last weekend. =) I can not tell you how happy I am with the jeweler that we have. Ron bought my engagement ring from him and I get non-stop comments at how sparkly my ring is so it was only right to go back to the same jeweler and get more bling. ;D Plus he gave us a good deal. =)

I think I'll work on coloring books today. Still waiting for our postage from Since they already had the 27 cents postage we decided to go with that for our RSVP stamps and at least our guests will see the full effect of the stamp. We went with our Lakers picture (go figure..something fun of course and it's totally us! And another design created by my brother of Ron and I as a cartoon with him wearing an orange sweater and I a pink sweater). We didn't want to use the stamps as our invitation stamp because one of our friends used for their save the dates and it didn't look very nice with their face stamped with a post office stamp. So I honestly suggest that if you're using your zazzle stamp with a custom photo (not graphic) I would get those babies hand canceled! =)

That is all for now!

Engagement Photos

Finally got them! I won't show all of them though cause I want to save some for the wedding. =) We got the original images so I had to photoshop some of them. I expected more from the photos, but I am satisfied. Our photographer kept telling us to be romantic..and Ron and I were like, "Huh? How do we pose like that?" I told Ron that we should have bought those horse sticks so it would looked like we were on the beach riding horses, but he didn't budge. LOL. =D

Well here they are!

One of my favorites.. =)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm sooo tempted to post my invitation!!!!!! But give me another week or two. FMIL needs to proofread names/addresses (even though I've done it three times) and waiting on my stamps! What happened to one business day?! Grr! Once the stamps are on then it's putting all the inserts, sealing, and stamping! This whole evening I stuck the matted main invitations. All 150+ invitations.

Oooo .. engagement photos will be picked up this weekend. I have my fingers crossed that they turned out nice..or I'm going to cry. :P I was so tempted to pick it up today when they said I could get them anytime, but I didn't want to waste gas and go back there to pick out the frame with Ron. Can't wait!

That's all for now! Have a good weekend all!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Almost Done

My invitation is almost finished! All my hardwork has finally paid off! Ron and I are satisfied and excited! I am currently printing out our RSVPs. I decided to use the name and check box format. Woooot!

This weekend, the moms are going to help put the rest of the invitation together and it should be out and about soon. =D Yay!

On a side note .. Ron pulled a late April Fool's joke on me. Punk.

I came home and my brother was standing in the doorway with his spankin' new 40D (camera) then I go to my room and there's a 40D box sitting in my room. Ron says he bought it. I was like way..who's is it? This went on for a good 5 minutes when my brother finally walks in and says that the box is his. I thought it wasn't empty cause of all the stuff in it. =X Punk. ;D

Friday, April 4, 2008

Honeymoon .. who knew?!

The other day Ron and I were talking about how Aloha Airlines went bankrupt. We both said that it would be crazy if that happened to us.

The next day I was watching the news while I was getting ready for work..and low and behold .. ATA is out of business. My jaw dropped and in my mind I said, "No freakin' way!" and laughed. I called Ron right away and told him the news.

The news didn't really scare us as much as I think it would have if we hadn't talked about it the day before.

I emailed our travel agent right away...and his response..

"I just got off the phone with Pleasant Holidays and found out what your options are. I wish I had better news, but the least expensive alternative flight is on United Airlines around the time you were initially going, for $257.00 more per person.....that price includes the credit from ATA airlines plus the fare difference from United flights, which are the cheapest option. For a little less additional of $227.00 per person, you can leave in the early evening, at 6:50pm, arriving in Hawaii at 9:24pm..... I'm sorry to say the recent Airline bankrupcies and shut downs aren't totaly refundable or protected, the airfare portion is simply credited to any other airlines that have available flights.........I did everything possible to avoid any additional charges, but didn't have any luck..... I will continue to see if anything else will work, but that unfortunately might be the best way to fix this unusual and unexpected circumstance..... I'm sorry guys for the inconvience and addtional charges.....I will give you two a $100 travel voucher for any other trip you take in the future, which will hopefully ease the pain a


We already shelled out alot of $$ for our honeymoon. What's another $500? Well .. it's $500!!!!!!

So I don't know what we're going to do. =/


So I reaaaaally haven't been following my diet as strictly as I said I would. It all started when I got sick since after my last post about dieting. I have been eating whatever lately, but at the same time making sure I'm not over doing it.

Yesterday Ron said that it looks like that I am losing weight. Thanks hun. Then today I was talking to an old friend and we talked about my schedule and she asked me, "Geez girl! When do you have time to eat?!" I was like, man, I eat too much! I tried dieting, but I don't know.

That pushed me to go on to the scale today. I had to go on it a few times. At first I thought it was broken. I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm down to 130 pounds. Whoa baby! So I've lost 12 pounds! =D

I'll just keep going! I'm so happy!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Break Part 2

So I don't really feel like making a full on update about spring break. So some photos and captions instead. ;D

We finally got the ears!

Matching kicks!
We parked at Dodgers' Stadium and here was the line to the shuttle.

Full Throttle Ad. ..jk ;D

The Colisuem!

Mmm! Dodger Dog!
The crowd. I even have video of the 3 minute wave!
Let's go Dodgers, let's go!
I was part of history! World record!
Check out the hottie watching courtside! David Beckham! Oowee!

Go Lakers!