Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

All of Ron's aunts came today to help us complete our wedding favors. Last night I ended up printing up all the coloring books and tags and cutting ribbons until 4 a.m. I figured since everyone was going to be helping today might as well get everything else done.

Here's Ron and his sis putting together our after ceremony snack bags.

The aunts, cousin, and moms putting the favors.

Tita Yunita, the "scooper". She filled all the candy jars for us. =D

I didn't even know someone took a pic of us. I was quality control..of course. ;D
The result, 300+ candy filled Ikea jars. We all loved how colorful it looked!

Remember how I mentioned about how the moms went behind our back and bought fan favors? Well they turned out really cute. ;D

And my most favorite, the coloring books that I created for the kiddies.
The next following weeks is going to be crazy busy! There's only like 1 month and 2 weeks left til the wedding!

Here's the calendar:

  • Saturday, May 30 - Bridal Shower hosted by my Aunt, Maid of Honor, and Mom.
    • - Can't wait! Japanese food! My favorite! I heard they ordered boats full of food!!
  • Sunday, June 1 - Meet with our music coordinator for our church.
  • Saturday, June 7 - Bridal Shower hosted by Ron's Aunts
  • Tuesday, June 10 - My parents anniversary
  • Thursday, June 12- Open House at School/Work
  • Saturday, June 14 - Co-Birthday Celebration with my Maid of Honor at Club 33 in Disneyland
  • Tuesday, June 17 - My 27th Birthday
  • Friday, June 20 - Bachelorette Party Night? I honestly don't know what my MOH has planned for that evening. She just said to keep that night open.
  • Wednesday, June 25 - Last day of School/Work!
  • Friday, June 27 - Get marriage license and Bachelor and Bachelorette Party weekend. Ron and his boys will be going to Vegas. I'm so jealous cause they're staying in a nice ass room at the Venetian. My girls (21 and under) and I will be going to San Diego. Once again, I don't know what's planned for that.
  • Thursday, July 10 - Bridesmaid lunch and Rehearsal/Dinner
  • Saturday, July 12 - I'm getting married!!!!
  • Monday, July 21 - Off to our two week honeymoon at Maui and Oahu
Luckily after the bachelorette party weekend I'll have a good week and an a half to do whatever since I won't be working. Hopefully I'll get to start moving into our apartment during that time.

Busy busy busy! Hope all is well!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We had our tasting last Friday and damn was the food good. Pardon my language, but it was damn good that I was craving for it the whole weekend! We're going with a buffet...salmon, beef tri-tip, and an herb crusted chicken. Even the salad was good! I can't wait to eat at our wedding!

It was funny because our reception coordinator asked, "What's the DJ Company's name??" And I asked, "The DJ?" cause I didn't hear her well and then she said yes, then I replied, "The DJay Company" and then she said, "Yes, the DJ company" and I said, "Yes, that's the DJ company's name, the DJAY Company." Oh man were we all laughing.

Today my niece, nephews, and brother helped me clean the favor jars. Mission accomplished! We had this whole system going on. Hehe! We cleaned 320+ jars in less than 1 hour. This Sunday Ron's aunts are all coming over to our house to put all the favors together and have dance lessons from my aunt. Exciting! Mainly cause I won't have to worry about the favors after they're done! =D

Well that's it for now folks. Game 1 tomorrow! Let's go Lakers!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Gifts have been randomly coming in! Ron and I have received four gifts total!

A pair of Bellina Lenox Flutes from the my tutor student's family.

Martha Stewart's Stainless Mixing Bowl and The Cellar Plain Cake Dome from Ron's relatives in the East Coast.

And a Pyrex Bakeware Set from my friend's girlfriend. =)

On another note, last week I was getting random stuff from my students.

One of them gave me muffins and some gave me notes. I'd have to say this one cracked me up..
Here is a pic of me and two of my 6th graders..most of them are taller than me..
Last Friday we had an assembly and the teachers had to dress up as kids loved it... Hehe.. ;D
7 more weeks of school/work left .. and exactly 8 more weeks til the wedding. Crazy!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Out of the Country

A whole family is coming from the Philippines....all 10 of them. I am truly delighted and honored to have them coming to our wedding. They were planning to come here last Christmas, but then my "uncle" was diagnosed with colon cancer in its third stage. Since then he's gone through so many surgeries and so much chemo. We all thought he would not be able to make it to the wedding. With God's blessing he is finally responding to his therapy and is getting stronger. He should be ending his chemo sometime this month. I am so happy!!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh Bridesmaids..

I got my jewelry cases for my bridesmaids in today and I LOVE 'EM!!! They're jewelry envelopes actually and perfect for the Redotdesigns jewelry (uses swarovski crystals) that I bought the girls! Jewelry cases from Plethora on

For my maids of honor...

For my bridesmaids...

Oh and I went a little shopping happy at Michael's today. Brides Magazine has a new line out at Michaels, and one of them happens to be pink cherry blossoms! I couldn't resist buying these for my future bridal showers. =D

I also couldn't resist buying this as well (holds the thank you cards). =D

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Weekend

Didn't do much wedding stuff this weekend. I did design the label for our favor as well as our escort cards. What I did alot of this weekend was eat.

My brother had a BBQ on Friday evening. Then yesterday the fam bam headed out to Long Beach and ate at an all-you-can-eat lobster buffet (I ate 3 lobsters!). And today, we ate at Hooters.

It was a practically chill weekend.

On another note, our good friend's dad passed away on Wednesday. It was absolutely shocking. It was an unexpected death. Sadly, his dad died in his arms. Very heartbreaking. I had called him after he had texted me and he couldn't even talk because he was crying. Surprisingly he showed up at my brother's BBQ. He said he needed to be out of the house. My mom wanted to cry when he saw him. Shoot, I got all teary eyed. His father's funeral is on Thursday evening and he will be cremated on Friday. My whole family can't stop thinking about how sad this incident is for my friend and his family. Rest in Peace Mr. Yamasaki.

Today was...

Ron and I have been taking part of this event for the past few years, but unfortunately we were unable to do it this year. We will so be back next year! It's a really fun event! Though we do not know any children with cancer, we do have family members who do have cancer or have had cancer. One year some random person donated $100 under my name (via MySpace) and boy was I totally touched. I pray for that person every year for doing such a kind gesture. It's really a touching event seeing all these families, kids, and supporters for PCRF. It's also a nice time to spend with my loved one for a good cause. Can't wait cause we'll be a married couple!!!! Hehe! ;D

Well that is to's Monday .. Monday = back to work. Ugh!