Monday, February 23, 2009

New Additions to Our Family

The other day I found a dog at work. Searched for lost poster signs, checked online, and posted online. She was so scruffy and dirty. It was very sad and gross. I took her to my parents house to clean her up a bit and I still can't believe all the nasty stuff I had to cut off of her hair. Took her home. Took her to the vet to get here scanned for a microchip. Decided to get her vaccinated just in case and for an exam.

Vet says she is about 4 years old. She is in okay shape despite a hernia. She has had puppies. She has never had any vaccinations based on her reaction to getting vaccinations. She is most likely from a puppy mill based on her reaction to other dogs. Sad.

We have named her Trixie. She is a sweet dog. Not playful, but sweet. She is always sleeping, but she loves talking walks. Surprisingly, Lilo gets along with her very well.

Meet Trixie, our new addition to our family.Ron just adores her. <3

On a side note, the same day I found her and got her cleaned up at my parents' house, my uncle drops off this new addition to my parents' home. Let's just say that my mom had a cow but is enjoying the new terror (she's sooo puppy compared to Lilo & Stitch). I heard that my brother was doing his laundry and dropped his sock and she took it and he had to chase her all over the place. Hehe.

Meet known as Sasha. She is a purebred maltese. She is 14 months old.
So our family of dogs is now 4. Crazy stuff. That's all for now. ;D

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