Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Church

We met with our church coordinator. She was pretty cool. She gave us more info about what to expect on our wedding day. Now I can somewhat start writing up a timeline for our day.

Some "eh" news..

We had ordered flower arrangements on stands for the pews, come to find out that we are not allowed to have stands in the aisle. We also rented a aisle runner, in which we are not allowed to have one. I was like oh great! So we're probably going to go to our florist and talk to her if changes can be made. many things to do...and I don't feel like doing them right now. Mainly because I don't know which one to do first. Bah!

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday, but we're celebrating it today. I can already foretell what everyone will be talking about. I'm hoping no other people will be added to our guestlist. =X

A photo of inside our church (taken by hey! how come they have stands?!)

On a side note, I'm having two bridal showers, both following each other! Memorial Day weekend is my mom's side, Ron's mom's side, and my friends Bridal shower here at my parents' house. The following weekend is Ron's dad's side bridal shower. The next weekend is a "free weekend". The week after that is my birthday and after that weekend it's my bachelorette party. Two weeks after that is our wedding! So June is going to be "party" month. Yikes!

That reminds me, Ron and I barely have anything in our registry. We're already running out of things to register for cause we don't need much.


Jenna said...

What about creating a little mini-moon registry or honeymoon registry through a site like

"Apes" said...

Thanks Jenna! We do have one! ;D But we went with The Big Day. I only recently found out about honeyfund, but everyone already knows about The Big Day One. Thanks though!! =D

JayR said...

Is this the church in Diamond Bar? It looks really nice. Wow! Planning a wedding is really hard sumasakit ang ulo ko just by reading the updates. Are you ready April? Hehe