Sunday, February 24, 2008


I got a few things accomplished...

Finally created our sticker to seal our invitation up. Here it is, except it will be in the shape of a circle.

While waiting for my mom while she was getting her "hair did" I was trying to figure out our flower stuff. See, the florist is a little old fashioned..she wrote everything we needed in a notebook and she used a calculator to give me a total with a printout (you know the ones on paper rolls) and wrote in what each price represented. So today I finally went through it and asked myself "Did she really get everything I needed down?" She got most of it, but of course, people were added and what not. I'll probably be going back to see her soon to change a few things (like the pew stands .. boo). I was able to type everything out as to not get confused. So I know that we'll both be on the same page.

Here it is (for those who might want to see how much flowers may roughly cost)..

What else did I do today? I think those were the top two on my list. Now to keep going.. AHHH! ;D

Oh oh oh! I asked two of my best guy friends to be our "door ushers". They're in charge of closing the door before and after I go in. Just imagining seeing them there when I take my place to go in already gets me all teary eyed. They'll be the first two guests to see my in my dress. I reaaaaaaaaaally wanted them to be part of our wedding, but we opted to keep our groomsmen all in the family (except for Ron's best friend from high school). When our church coordinator told me that I got all excited. So I called the guys today and I got all cry baby on the phone. And of course they didn't say no. I would have totally cried if they did! LOL.

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