Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Please Pray

The past few days has been an emotional rollercoaster. Please pray for one of our family's many dogs, Gordo. Gordo belongs to Ron and my in-laws. He is Stitch's brother and best buddy. He was admitted into the hospital yesterday due to a ruptured disc. I know some of you are thinking, it's JUST a dog, but Gordo is not JUST a dog. He is family.

On Sunday, at our weekly gathering at Grandma's, he wasn't himself. Everyone knew he wasn't himself. He wasn't running around, he wasn't humping everyone he saw, and most of all he wasn't wrestling with Coco (Tita Yunita and Tito Bong's puppy).

On Monday morning, Daddy Tony took him to vet. They checked him and gave him medicine. Monday afternoon, Mommy Nora came home and found Gordo sprawled out on the floor, unable to get up. He was given more medication and some shots. He was capable of walking still, with weakness in his left hind leg.

Yesterday morning, Daddy Tony took him to the vet again because he was dragging himself around the house now. He had no movement in his hind legs at all. He also has lost control over his bladder/bm. The vet then sent Daddy Tony to take Gordo to a specialist in Fountain Valley (mind you that my in laws live in Rosemead). Luckily it was close enough from our place that I was able to help them.

When they arrived, Gordo was excited to see me standing outside of their van, which made me very happy. Since he has lost the use of his hind legs, he needed to be carried around. He was smiling the whole time in the vet's lounge and waiting room. When my brother arrived he got excited again. He liked the ladies that were checking him, but when Dr. B came in, oh how he got very defensive. I don't think he liked Dr. B. He was strong enough to drag himself quickly and hide under a chair.

Dr. B. checked him and said it may possibly be a ruptured disc. He did some little things to Gordo. He did that joint checker thing where when you hit someone's knee it's supposed to move. Gordo didn't move. He squeezed Gordo's hind toes and he squeeled. We felt a sigh of relief. Dr. B. said that feelings in Gordo's toes is a good sign. After explaining what it may be, the procedure, and the price of the procedure, we had no choice to admit him. Dr. B. said that he has a 85%-95% chance he will walk normal again.

Today he under went surgery. Dr. B said that there was a lot of bleeding in his spinal cord area. Due to that, there is only a 50-50 chance percent that he will walk again. Our family is hoping and praying that his physical therapy will go well and that he WILL walk again.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and positive thoughts our way. Gordo is part of our family and we love him very much. It breaks our heart to see him going thru all this. I will keep you all updated.

Gordo @ the vet's before he was admitted.
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