Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bridesmaid/Flower Girl Dresses

All the girls have ordered their dresses.

Sadly, the our priest emphasized how important it was that the girls are covered. So, being the nice person that I am .. I'm ordering shawls for all my bridesmaids and paying it out of my pocket. Yikes! I personally do not want them to wear shawls, but then I don't want to get in trouble from our priest. Hehe.

Bridemaid/MOH Dresses

They are from Alfred Angelo and run about $180 with tax. For the MOHs the blue part is going to be tangerine and the white part will be fuschia. The bridesmaids are the opposite. Since it's a long dress, the girls are choosing their own shoes as long as it's silver.

On the left is Kristen (Ron's sister), and my 2nd MOH. Next to her is Laura (Ron's cousins). The one in the middle is Nicolle (my cousin). These are the young ladies of my bridal party.

Flower Girl Dresses

I can't be more ecastatic about my flower girls' dresses! We were even able to get a discount on them! I couldn't wait for them to try it on so I had my cousin bring her daughter over ASAP! We got them at this little shop in the mall. As a gift, I got the girls' matching tiaras and a jewelry set. SO FREAKIN' CUTE!!!!!!!

We're going to our cake tasting today! Update later!

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