Saturday, January 5, 2008

First Bridezilla Moment

I had my very first Bridezilla moment!

Being the nice sister than I am I was helping out my brother who told his friend that he would do a photo montage for her 18th birthday celebration. Homegirl was supposed to drop it off at 7 am but overslept. My brother had work and since I have more experience creating montages he asked if I could do it. So I said sure. Homegirl dropped it off in our mailbox because I was out and about. I started working on it at 2pm thinking that it will be done by 5pm. She had hell'a photos which was not organized.

Now I'm the type of person who like to do things the right way rather than just do it. So I made her montage (not my best, but hey with the party being this evening, it is the best she could get). Then she freakin' asks me if I can drop it off. I was like uh .. no .. I have an appointment. I was already doing this thing as a favor. Then she tells me she can't get anyone to pick it up. Boy did I throw a fit at my brother. I even took it out on my niece and nephew who stuck the magnets onto our Save the Dates. I was VERY upset. I did not just waste 3+ hours of my time for nothing. I could have been working on wedding stuff! On top of that I got upset at my niece and nephew because some of the magnets were not straight. =X I'm just glad they didn't get upset that I was yelling at them. They did say sorry and I did say sorry back.

I hope I don't have a second Bridezilla moment! I didn't like it at all!

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