Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We had our tasting last Friday and damn was the food good. Pardon my language, but it was damn good that I was craving for it the whole weekend! We're going with a buffet...salmon, beef tri-tip, and an herb crusted chicken. Even the salad was good! I can't wait to eat at our wedding!

It was funny because our reception coordinator asked, "What's the DJ Company's name??" And I asked, "The DJ?" cause I didn't hear her well and then she said yes, then I replied, "The DJay Company" and then she said, "Yes, the DJ company" and I said, "Yes, that's the DJ company's name, the DJAY Company." Oh man were we all laughing.

Today my niece, nephews, and brother helped me clean the favor jars. Mission accomplished! We had this whole system going on. Hehe! We cleaned 320+ jars in less than 1 hour. This Sunday Ron's aunts are all coming over to our house to put all the favors together and have dance lessons from my aunt. Exciting! Mainly cause I won't have to worry about the favors after they're done! =D

Well that's it for now folks. Game 1 tomorrow! Let's go Lakers!

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