Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Weekend

Didn't do much wedding stuff this weekend. I did design the label for our favor as well as our escort cards. What I did alot of this weekend was eat.

My brother had a BBQ on Friday evening. Then yesterday the fam bam headed out to Long Beach and ate at an all-you-can-eat lobster buffet (I ate 3 lobsters!). And today, we ate at Hooters.

It was a practically chill weekend.

On another note, our good friend's dad passed away on Wednesday. It was absolutely shocking. It was an unexpected death. Sadly, his dad died in his arms. Very heartbreaking. I had called him after he had texted me and he couldn't even talk because he was crying. Surprisingly he showed up at my brother's BBQ. He said he needed to be out of the house. My mom wanted to cry when he saw him. Shoot, I got all teary eyed. His father's funeral is on Thursday evening and he will be cremated on Friday. My whole family can't stop thinking about how sad this incident is for my friend and his family. Rest in Peace Mr. Yamasaki.

Today was...

Ron and I have been taking part of this event for the past few years, but unfortunately we were unable to do it this year. We will so be back next year! It's a really fun event! Though we do not know any children with cancer, we do have family members who do have cancer or have had cancer. One year some random person donated $100 under my name (via MySpace) and boy was I totally touched. I pray for that person every year for doing such a kind gesture. It's really a touching event seeing all these families, kids, and supporters for PCRF. It's also a nice time to spend with my loved one for a good cause. Can't wait cause we'll be a married couple!!!! Hehe! ;D

Well that is to's Monday .. Monday = back to work. Ugh!

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Joyful Weddings & Events said...

I really appreciate that you guys are involved in that organization: I am actually a childhood cancer survivor!