Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bridal Shower #1

My first of two bridal showers was held at my Aunts house, hosted by my Aunt, my MOH, and mother.

My aunt's house is less than a minute away from mine. So it was very convienent.

Here are SOME photos taken by my brother. Please check out his new blog! Swanky Photography!

Being silly!

That's my parents' house right in the middle in the background. That's how close we live!

The Favors
The Food

The Pig
The Centerpiece (LOVE IT!)
The Set-Up Crew

My mom, my MOH, my future MIL, and my MOH (Ron's sister).

Words of Wisdom

Instead of clothes pins, they used necklace rings. If someone said APRIL, RON, RING, or WEDDING, they got all their rings taken away.Making me a photo album message scrap book!
Here comes the bride!The Guests
My bridesmaid (best friend from junior high)
My cousin (bm), MOH, me, baby cousin (bm), MOH.
Wardrobe change! Whoever was able to guess the right amount of clothing, etc, I was wearing before hand one. I also had fake tattoos..hehe! And I was not surprised who 11 year old niece! She got 14 out of 16 questions right! She knows me too well! Oh and she does live next door to me. Haha!

Toilet paper time! My flower girl. =D

I hated this game! It was "How well do you know the groom?" If I got an answer wrong I had to eat a Double Bubble bubble gum! My MOHs specifically searched for this gum! Silly girls! Out of 22 questions, I only got 4 right! I later on watched the DVD where Ron answered the questions and I got most of them right, if not totally wrong! One of the question was, "How many times does Ron fart in a day?" and I said 7 and he said, "on average 6". Wasn't that close enough? Another one was , "How many keys does he have?" and I said, 11, and there was 12! By the 18th question I was drooling! It was hilarious!
The Gifts

We got ALOT of gifts! It was nice to get some cash and gift cards too! I felt so bad for my brother who was taking photos during this time because of all the lingerie. It was so funny! Poor guy!

So..Bridal Shower #2 is on Saturday for Ron's side of the family! Yay!

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