Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pre-Bachelor Party

Yesterday was one of my bridal showers, in which Ron was not allowed to attend. So he had a pre-bachelor party. Surprisingly, I took it better than I thought I would. He and his cousin and a few others went to Spearmint Rhino. Let's just say I was more worried of him getting into an accident coming home than I was of him being at a strip club. Weird, I know. Then he says that they might do it again...and I said..hell no..that's all! LOL! He's lucky that I didn't even say anything the first time. :P

P.S. My bridal shower was a blast! More on it later..still waiting for the photos from our photographer (aka .. little brother..haha)!

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Reila said...

Your wedding is comming up quick girly! Luckily Bryan isn't into the dancing His bachelor party is at the end of the month and is going up north to SacTown (boo Kings). Anyhow you sure a busy bee with your favors and such! Take care.