Monday, December 24, 2007

How We Met..

Her Story...
Page me, beep me, if you wanna reach me!

In March of 1998, Mr. R. and I were introduced over the phone by Ms. L. When I heard his voice I thought he sounded cute. From time to time we would talk on the phone or page each other , til it became a habit. I was crushin' on him. One time when I was going to page him I heard some girl on his outgoing voicemail message. Stunned, I hung up the phone and later told him that I couldn't call/page him anymore because my parents got mad at me because of our phone bill, but on the reals, I was a bit broken hearted.

A few months passed and one day Ms. L. and I went to the movies. It just so happened that Mr. M. (Ms. L's bf at the time, who was Mr. R's bestfriend) was going to be there as well with his friends. When we got there, Ms. L. was looking for Mr. M. and I was going to pay for the tickets. When I was standing in line, I realized that my wallet wasn't in my bag. I started to freak out. I looked up to look for Ms. L. and I saw Mr. K (part of Mr. R's high school circle of friends) and some guy walking with him. I was wondering who the guy was because I knew who all the guys were except for him. I called Ms. L. over and told her about my wallet and the guys decided to do something else because some of them didn't want to watch Godzilla (lol). So Ms. L. ended up paying for the tickets and as we were walking to the movie we were going to watch (Bullworth), I asked her who the other guy was and she said "Oh that was Mr. R." And I was like "WHAT?! WHY DIDN"T YOU TELL ME?!" So later that evening, Mr. R. paged me saying that he saw me and the rest is history ...
His Story
Who's that girl yelling?

So one day my good friend Ms. L. called me on three way with this other girl on the line who's name was Ms. A. I wasn't able to talk long because I had Tae Kwon Do to attend to for the night. (Don't laugh, I had a mean round house kick.) After that we were talking almost everyday for a good month and really got to know each other. Unfortunately we had lost contact for a bit, due to some other girl, but luckly that didn't work out. One day me and a bunch of my buddies headed out to the West Covina Edwards to meet with Leah and hopefully watch a movie. At the time I heard this familiar voice yelling "DAD, HAVE YOU SEEN MY WALLET!" I thought wait a minute, I know that voice. Went back home and left a voice mail on her pager and asked her is she was the one yelling for her wallet at the theater. If it wasn't for that day, we probably may have never spoke to each other again. I guess it was meant to be!

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