Saturday, December 29, 2007

Engagement Encounter Retreat

As required by the Catholic church, any person who would like to get married in a Catholic church is required to go to some engaged encounter retreat. Mr. R. and I were honestly excited about the whole thing. We didn't know what to expect.
Our retreat was in Santa Barbara. We arrived Friday evening. Checked into our dorm rooms. Mr. R. had a cell. His room was just curtain, a bed and walls. Oh and I can't forget the metal chair in the corner. LOL. My room had to be twice as big as his. It had a closet and even a sink as well.

It was a beautiful place. I would say that Mr. R. and I did not benefit from it as much as the other couples did because we practically have talked about our issues and future together already. It was nice to revisit them though.

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