Friday, March 14, 2008

Engagement Photo Attire

I can't seem to decide what to wear to our engagement photo session which is in about a week and a half or so at Laguna Beach.

So I tried this on in Express (Ron's sister works there so I can TOTALLY get a discount)...but I ain't feelin' it and it probably won't match Ron's brown dress shirt. BUT I might just buy it just to have it. ;D I look like a girl!! :P

I ended up looking around Macy's and just when I was about to leave I found this!

I grabbed it and tried it on and bought it. It's perfect! At least it won't clash as much as the first photo. I'll be wearing a white blouse with a brown tanktop under it as a "second" attire, dark jeans, and my brown heels. ;D

I'm getting excited!

On a side note, I ordered our invites to get printed today! I'm in the mood to prep the invite stuff! AHHHH! ;D

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Reila Bird said...

that's a cute top! i went shopping today as well. to be honest i went a bit overboard the past couple weeks with buying dresses for my e-session (sometime in may). i've decided to wear this dress by tory burch for my first outfit: