Thursday, March 6, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Last weekend we moved Ron's things into our new apartment! Four more months until I get to move in! :P Our loving parents helped us move all of Ron's stuff over. I love our place! It's only 20 minutes from my parents house without traffic and approximately 8 minutes away from Disneyland. ;D It's a gated complex. The parking is a parking structure in the middle of the complex. ;D

Our view from the balcony. I really didn't want a view of the 5 fwy!
Our bedroom window.
The bathroom (duh?).
My place to bake and decorate my cakes. :P

A little computer area.

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Reila Bird said...

Cute apt! Are you in OC also? Anyhow, I went to her studio in Riverside ($10 cheaper) but Jennifer will drive out to you if you live in OC or IE. If you need anymore information let me know! I'm going to subscribe to your blog! hehe. Oh and I saw you did your cake tasting with Rockwell's, we are using them as well for our cake! Take care!