Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ron was laughing at me last night cause he couldn't believe that I knew what Horton was going to say in the movie "Horton Hears A Who". I had just read it to my kindergarten class last week so the story was fresh in my mind and when the line came up I totally had to say it cause I got my kinder kids to say it every time we got to that part of the story. It was a very interesting movie.

We finished putting ribbons on 100 invitations...only 100 more to go! Yikes!

It's spring break this week. We have our engagement photo this Monday. I also get a make-up and hair session with Jeanne. I'm excited!

Thursday, taking my aunt's visitors to Universal Studios. Then on Friday, I'm taking them to Disneyland. Luckily it will all be paid for. I was a little upset the other day cause I can't find my Disney pass, so I'll look for it after this blog.

On Saturday we're going to the L.A. coliseum for the Dodger's 50th Anniversary. Then on Sunday, we're going to the Staples center to watch the Lakers beat the Wizards.

So pretty busy and exciting week. ;D

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Reila Bird said...

Wow that is a busy week! My week isn't going to be at fun as yours gradschool finals & work, then a wedding on sat and a bridal shower on sunday! woot! It looks like you are feeling way better, and I look forward to seeing your e-pics. Have a great time!