Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Registry & Favors

Yes, I'm sooo excited, but not scared. Just had to throw in that video. LOL. I was checking our registry today and someone bought us our flutes!!! I'm just hoping that it's a pre-wedding gift, because I was hoping to use it for our reception. Either way, I'm so excited! I wonder who got it for us. I do have an idea who it might be, but that will be confirmed tomorrow. =) It's from the Lenox Bellina collection. Cherry blossoms!

On another note, I just ordered 95 pounds of candy. I can't believe how much candy that is! Crazy! We decided not to go with the M&Ms cause you can imagine how much 95 pounds of M&Ms would cost us. We went with flower shaped Sweet Tarts. At first the bright colors caught my eye, then I realized how much it looked like cherry blossoms and we totally went for it!

Last week I went to Ikea all by myself. We ended up going with the Ikea spice jars instead of the salt-and-pepper shakers because they were bigger, cheaper, and easier to tie the ribbon on. It was a little difficult maneuvering the cart all the way to the checkout stand. ;P

Last but not least, a picture with my parents. =)

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Reila said...

95 lbs of candy wow! did you go to candy warehouse near irwindale (aorund that area)? we are doing diy chocolate lollipops.