Sunday, April 13, 2008

Random Stuff

We will be ordering our favors this week. These little cute candy jars with orange and pink M&Ms tied with a pink or orange ribbon. The only thing that irks me about these jars is that the heart doesn't line up with the front/back of the jar.

Also order our wedding wands since we can't throw anything after the ceremony at the church.

Oh and look what I found on Etsy! I so want it, but I had already bought my toss/garter!

Did I mention we bought our wedding bands last weekend. =) I can not tell you how happy I am with the jeweler that we have. Ron bought my engagement ring from him and I get non-stop comments at how sparkly my ring is so it was only right to go back to the same jeweler and get more bling. ;D Plus he gave us a good deal. =)

I think I'll work on coloring books today. Still waiting for our postage from Since they already had the 27 cents postage we decided to go with that for our RSVP stamps and at least our guests will see the full effect of the stamp. We went with our Lakers picture (go figure..something fun of course and it's totally us! And another design created by my brother of Ron and I as a cartoon with him wearing an orange sweater and I a pink sweater). We didn't want to use the stamps as our invitation stamp because one of our friends used for their save the dates and it didn't look very nice with their face stamped with a post office stamp. So I honestly suggest that if you're using your zazzle stamp with a custom photo (not graphic) I would get those babies hand canceled! =)

That is all for now!


Jenna said...

Aren't all of the random things that we learn while planning our weddings funny, like hand canceling?

Reila said...

omg, the garter. i bought a similar one, but with the chargers on it. that's my fiancee's favorite football team!