Thursday, April 24, 2008


So the 'rents wouldn't leave me alone about limo transportation. I didn't want to really spend on any limo transportation since my little (yes, little) brother and my parents both have brand spankin' new Benzes and I was totally down for just using that. But my dad, who rarely says anything and goes with the flow really wanted me to rent a limo. So I finally booked that.

Chrysler 300 "Bentley Edition"

I had the hardest time finding a limo. Why? Cause I didn't want the old school ones nor did I want a huge Hummer style one. Plus the prices also were getting to me. I'm glad I chose this one. I don't plan on having all my bridesmaids, etc. ride with me. I only got it to please my parents. I think that the only ones who will ride in it are one of my MOHs, 2 bridesmaids, my niece, and two nephews. My parents and brother plan to drive seperately because they will need a car to go home.
I'm glad that's out of my hair. =)