Saturday, April 19, 2008

No RSVPs?!

I was afraid this would happen...our invites have gone out and our guests have received them.

Four invites already asked if they can just verbally respond because our RSVPs are too cute to return.

As long as they don't flake on us! They probably won't since they're immediate family. Invite post later!!!

Ron's grandma's sister called her and said that she's never seen a wedding invitation like it in her life and that she loves it.

I'm glad that my hard work is loved! LOL!

Hard work = sending out the invites = one sick bride

My poor kindergarten kids .. I had my classroom heater on at 88 degrees yesterday cause I was freezing! I went to turn it down and they all looked at me and said "Ms.'s so hot!" I felt so bad, yet I felt sooo bad. During my prep time I totally knocked out for approx. 10 minutes with my head on my desk. I woke up and my classroom lights were turned off (automatic) and I didn't even notice that they turned off. I wanted to ask my boss if I could go home, but she was handling all this stuff going on at the school (someone stole the faucets out of the boys bathroom and there was a fight as well), so I didn't want to bother her.

When I got home I laid down on the couch and my brother checked to see if I was warm..well I wasn't warm.. I was burning. He gave me ice to put on my forehead and then I knocked out. Then my aunt came over and next thing I knew she was stripping me down and wiping me down with an ice watered cloth. I love my family. Surprisingly, after all that I felt a lot better. We then had family friends come visit (whom we haven't seen in approx. 13 years) and well, let's just say that 6 more people were added to our guest list. =X


Reila Bird said...

How are you doing you poor thing. Be sure to rest up before the wedding. I've been getting sick a lot lately a well and now my allergies are flaring up out of nowhere. I've started my invites (also DIY) and love my rsvp cards. They are pretty simple, but I love it. Get well soon apes!

Guilty Secret said...

Hope you feel better soon.

What a reaction, people not wanting to return the RSVPs cos they're so cute! :)

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