Friday, April 4, 2008

Honeymoon .. who knew?!

The other day Ron and I were talking about how Aloha Airlines went bankrupt. We both said that it would be crazy if that happened to us.

The next day I was watching the news while I was getting ready for work..and low and behold .. ATA is out of business. My jaw dropped and in my mind I said, "No freakin' way!" and laughed. I called Ron right away and told him the news.

The news didn't really scare us as much as I think it would have if we hadn't talked about it the day before.

I emailed our travel agent right away...and his response..

"I just got off the phone with Pleasant Holidays and found out what your options are. I wish I had better news, but the least expensive alternative flight is on United Airlines around the time you were initially going, for $257.00 more per person.....that price includes the credit from ATA airlines plus the fare difference from United flights, which are the cheapest option. For a little less additional of $227.00 per person, you can leave in the early evening, at 6:50pm, arriving in Hawaii at 9:24pm..... I'm sorry to say the recent Airline bankrupcies and shut downs aren't totaly refundable or protected, the airfare portion is simply credited to any other airlines that have available flights.........I did everything possible to avoid any additional charges, but didn't have any luck..... I will continue to see if anything else will work, but that unfortunately might be the best way to fix this unusual and unexpected circumstance..... I'm sorry guys for the inconvience and addtional charges.....I will give you two a $100 travel voucher for any other trip you take in the future, which will hopefully ease the pain a


We already shelled out alot of $$ for our honeymoon. What's another $500? Well .. it's $500!!!!!!

So I don't know what we're going to do. =/

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Joyful Weddings & Events said...

Such a bummer- so sorry to hear about that! Maybe it is something you will look back and laugh at though... and, hey- you still are going to hawaii :)