Monday, April 28, 2008


Blog here, blog there...we all have blogs. Sometimes I wonder about the people I read about or the people that read about me. Who are they? Who do they think I am?

At the same time I have been thinking about how different life will change once I get married...

One big thing that I have slowly let go of is my love for the import car scene. Ever since I was in high school I was into the scene. From fixing up my own little red Honda Civic Hatchback to hosting car meets that would lure up to 100+ car enthusiasts. My little red car was my pride and joy. That was until I felt the need for a new grown up car. I ended up selling my little red car after 8 years. Still looking good. How I miss my little red car and how I miss the scene. What I don't miss is the money I would have kept spending and the fellas who would always hit me up on the road. Heha! Ron wasn't into the whole import scene. I love him for supporting me in all that I wanted to do within the scene. It was really important to me. =)

Video of X

How I miss those days!

Another thing I am trying to do is get rid of all my stuff toys! Boy, do I have tons! They're all in bags and ready to go to the Salvation Army, but I'm so tempted to look through the bags! Ahhh!!

I will miss living here at home. I have never lived anywhere else! I will miss waking up to my dogs (the parents already asked if they can keep them because the two rascals can't live without each other). I will also miss my niece and nephews who live right next door. I'll miss hearing them playing outside and watching them get into trouble. I will especially miss my "little" brother. He's my best friend. Oh gosh, I'm ready to cry a river. I feel like taking him with me.

After we get married, I really can't wait for us to be able to travel all by ourselves and not worry about having to come home on time. The other night I spent the night at our apartment and it was nice to go to the movies at 10pm without having to worry about my parents saying how late it was. LOL.

I also can't wait to have my own kitchen! I love to cook! I especially love to bake. My creations...

So many changes, yet so many things to look forward to!!

Speaking of changes! Happy Birthday to my little brother who today is 22 years old! Love you bro!

April and Brother circa 1986

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