Monday, April 7, 2008

Almost Done

My invitation is almost finished! All my hardwork has finally paid off! Ron and I are satisfied and excited! I am currently printing out our RSVPs. I decided to use the name and check box format. Woooot!

This weekend, the moms are going to help put the rest of the invitation together and it should be out and about soon. =D Yay!

On a side note .. Ron pulled a late April Fool's joke on me. Punk.

I came home and my brother was standing in the doorway with his spankin' new 40D (camera) then I go to my room and there's a 40D box sitting in my room. Ron says he bought it. I was like way..who's is it? This went on for a good 5 minutes when my brother finally walks in and says that the box is his. I thought it wasn't empty cause of all the stuff in it. =X Punk. ;D

1 comment:

Reila Bird said...

aww...well get a dslr before you go on honeymoon. hey when are you going to put up your e-pics girl. ever since you posted you teaser pic, i keep checking..haha.